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Warning: this Wos world isn't suited for you if:

      You are under the age of 12.

       You are easily offended.

      You can't stand evilness (with evilness we mean just about everything that is forbidden by law; for example violence, alcohol abuse, slavery, blackmailing, murder)

      You don't like to solve quests. 

      You like to cheat, mod, world break or hack instead of playing legit, if abuse is spotted on line then your Soul ID (Soul ID's in case you have several) will be banned next patch.

      You don't like to die because of nasty monsters.

      You don't like to level up harder then in Evergreen or a LOT harder then in DBZ worlds.

Download RoT Zip File
Download Well of Souls
Download RoT Theme Pack
Download Proxbeta V2.6


Trouble Shooter

I don't see a world and I can't incarnate!

Check if your rot copy wasn't double zipped, the standard install path is c:\Wos\worlds\rot and not C:\Wos\worlds\rot\rot


I can't join somebodies party/ enter somebodies camp!

Either you or the other person is in an older version of RoT. Type /version in-game to see what version you're currently in and then update to the most current version if needed. Patches are available on this site.



Go to Jinar (north west) the owner of the helm shop, then talk to hago, he's the owner of the weapon shop.


I have been banned to unknown hell!

Most likely you did something nasty like, cheating, modding or hacking. if you think you have been banned by a bug then contact me and I'll look into it. I can not unban your character, it's lost forever. however I can fix the bug in the next patch. legit players shouldn't get banned.